13 Weeks

Holy moly, this is going fast. 

I had a really excellent week. Got a lot of things worked out in my personal life, made some new friends, and thank the Lord, I am finally feeling motivated to hunker down and work my butt off for this prep. I’m still far away from where I need to be for stage, but the optimism is flowing. 

Today I ran stadiums for the first time in a while, and although my cardio conditioning isn’t what it used to be, it was much better than I expected. I went into the gym later to do squats, but felt pretty tired and my form was terrible. I am trying to improve my high bar squat, but unfortunately I’m so used to doing low bar that I end up reverting back to low-bar form when I’m tired. One of my sets is below. 

The strength portion of my programming comes from Chad Wesley Smith’s Juggernaut Method, which I’ve had success with in the past. I love the high volume of this program and how it complements building conditioning and agility simultaneously. I might need to re-assess doing stadiums before squats though. That was rough. 

Just a side note: I get self-conscious sometimes about people knowing about my competitive life. There is a lot of stigma around bodybuilding, and I feel pretty weird telling people I compete in a sport that is all about looking good. I wish it wasn’t that way, and I really wish I was talented in something badass, like olympic weightlifting or gymnastics, but for some reason God decided I was going to be good at physique-building, so I’m gonna stick with it for now. I just wish people realized that not all people who compete in this are image-obsessed attention seekers. I just like working out, and this gives me a fun goal to work towards and a sense of accomplishment. Anyway, that’s my rambling for the week. Thanks for listening!

6 thoughts on “13 Weeks

  1. Don’t worry about the judgements of other people. If someone assumes you’re full of yourself that’s a reflection of themselves and not you. The people who matter in your life know the truth. Keep up the amazing work you do.

  2. Be proud of what you do. If someone judges you based on the fact you compete in physique sports that’s their issue not yours. The people that matter, your loved ones know the truth and so do your fans! Keep up the amazing work. You SwoleSister are awesome.

  3. I feel the same way sometimes about the stigma. I’m trying bodybuilding because for so long I thought, ‘I could never get my body there’ when looking at other competitors. Now that I realize the control I actually have, I’m excited to get on stage. Not everyone understands or agrees, but don’t let it get you down. I like reading your posts, so thank you for being open on the blog. Don’t let the negative people or people who don’t understand stop you from inspiring people like me 🙂

  4. I love your posts and while I appreciate your honesty about your insecurity I feel like you have no reason to feel less accomplished than a successful power/oly lifter. You are inspirational in your own way and one of the main reasons I look up to you is because you’re so good at so many different things and you’re passionate about all of them! (Ex: different types of exercise and/or your studies etc) We all have insecurities but trust me you are SO AWESOME!

  5. The end result may be about looking good but hold your head high…the training and effort you go through to get that final result is every bit as “badass” as any Olympic lifter or gymnast.

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